Tuesday, June 5, 2007

My Story And How I Suffered For Five Years

This is my story and how I removed over 12 warts on my hands and feet. Permanently, naturally and without any discomfort. Once I discovered this secret, I stopped wasting my money on expensive doctors, and over the counter products that didn't even work.
I know that what I am about to tell you can be almost impossible to believe. But it is 100% truth!

In 2002 I joined the Canadian military infantry reserve. My first course was on a base in Petewawa called the Madewa Planes. Army showers are just infested with bacteria and germs. And even though I wore slippers, I still somehow managed to get a big plantar wart on the heel of my foot. As it started to grow in size and depth, my first attempt at self healing was to cut it out with my utility knife. Since plantar warts feed on the blood from your veins, this method just caused a lot of bleeding, and eventually it grew back much bigger.

As the years went by, more and more warts began growing along the pads of my feet. It seemed every time I got a new cut on my foot, the break in the skin was an opportunity for the HPV virus to travel. Eventually the virus traveled to my hands and it began to spread to the tips of my fingers. It was then that I realized it was time to proactivly do something to deal with these things. About this same time, it was getting quite uncomfortable to run or walk as the plantar warts kept getting bigger and deeper into my heels.

Even after making the decision to remove them at any cost, I still had a long way to go in my journey. Over the next two years, I became an expert in all the different methods available for removing plantar warts. I learned of many many techniques that were pure crap. I learned that most the methods out there just simply don't work. Interestingly enough, they seemed to have worked for someone at some time, but these methods were never repeatable. Even trained medical professionals practice ineffective and even dangerous ways of removing plantar warts. As you read this blog, and learn about what works, you will begin to understand why the placebo effect must be removed from the equation to get effective treatment.

What I am about to explain to you is a little secret that permanently remove my plantar warts from my feet and hands. The thing that did it for me wasn't a harsh medical procedure or painful over the counter product (and believe me I tried them all). What changed my life forever was learning from Chris Gibson and the hypnotist Mark Tarrell.

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