Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Hypnosis as Wart Treatment

For centuries, wart treatment has involved some version of the placebo effect. Plantar warts are cast away with spells and incantations, or by rubbing particular materials on the area. None of these approaches has stood up to scientific scrutiny despite the fact that they often work!

So how can this sort of wart treatment be effective?

Recent knowledge about warts has enabled us to understand what could be going on, and illuminates why hypnosis can remove warts so effectively.

Despite the fact that they often 'hang around' for years, warts are actually highly susceptible to changes in blood flow - hence why one wart removal treatment was to immerse the area in hot water and cold water alternately; therefore altering the blood flow to the area.

And, strange as it may seem, blood flow is fairly easily altered by psychological means. If you sit and imagine your hands by an open fire, you can often get them to warm up - as the brain dilates the blood vessels in response to the imagined heat.

This is why hypnosis works well as wart treatment - it helps your brain change the wart's environment, making it impossible for them to thrive.

Download Wart Treatment today and enjoy seeing the little critters vanish...


Sandra Toback said...

Hey Peter, thanks for suggesting this site. I downloaded the mp3 a few weeks ago, it ran for about 20 mins. I listened to it everyday for a week. It wasn't untill about the sixth day that I noticed my warts were crumbling away. I started noticing how the roots were becomming a dark red/purple then by the second week they shrank away. Leaving me with fresh pink skin where the warts once were. I did the session two or three more times, just to unconsciously reinforce what Mark was talling me.
Now my warts are totally and completely gone. Without any scarring whatsoever. Thanks a million Peter!

Jen Reese said...

I tried hypnosis because I had no health insurance and had annoying warts that I wanted gone. I really didn't expect it to work. I was amazed at how well it did! Sure is better than ugly warts!!!!! Thank you for a great product!!

Michelle (mole removal) said...

Thanks for all the useful information about wart removal... Is the product that you have mentioned useful for mole removal as well??

Bob said...

Have tried the duct tape remedy and it really does work super fast