Saturday, March 1, 2008

Safely Treating & Removing Plantar Warts

From the desk of Peter Hill,
Hello and thanks for visiting my website. The purpose of this website is simply to explain two simple methods of safely treating and removing plantar warts. Press the play button to hear my introduce the plantar wart cure as well as this website.

Peter H.

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Anonymous said...

Have not seen anything new since 2008, but thought I'd take a chance you're still reading the comments.

I'm one of the unfortunates to try Freeze Away. Then, after using it, the top surface layer of the wart came off - except for where it was still stuck to the root of the wart.

So, I cut it off. Big mistake because the last treatment of Freeze Away made it 100 times worse.

I went back to the directions, and found the CAUTIONS put on the pages after the detailed drections.

Never read them. Now I read "that freezing too deeply can cause a serious medical condition."

But, it never said what it was.

I know now because the wart is back, bigger and badder than before, because it feels a lot deeper than before.

The wart has caused me to pronate which produced plantar facititis making it impossible to walk straight.

So, what "serious medical condition" were they talking about?

Frostbite? OR a bigger and badder wart?

Pissed me off no end. They should have put the caveats at the front and not buried in the back